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Our Vision & Mission 

OUR VISION: We will be the Leading Source of Quality Knowledge for a globally competitive nation.
OUR MISSION: We are the community of quality management professionals dedicated to the pursuit of performance excellence.


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Why Join PSQ

Joining PSQ will enable you to network and benchmark with different quality professional in the different fields of Quality Management across different industries and sectors. Learning new trends, tools, disciplines and methodologies from its members, partner organizations and activities. 


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What We Offer

The Philippine Society for Quality aims to provide professional growth and development, access to latest developments and trends in quality, increased network with local and international quality organization, and increased network with other quality practitioners, advocates and experts.


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Interested individuals and corporations may file their written applications through our website. If approved by the Officers and the Board of Trustees, the applicant(s), upon submission of requirements and payment of corresponding membership fee(s) shall be scheduled for induction. A certificate of membership shall be issued on a yearly basis.


Who We Are

This Society is a non-stock, non-profit organization established in 1969 in cooperation with the Productivity Development Center and 64 Charter members (representatives of different companies and individuals). The group laid down the groundwork for setting up a quality control organization, that can serve as a catalyst for action in the application of quality management.